Top Agent Magazine Feature - What it means to me / by Clark Hutt


I was ecstatic to receive a call from Top Agent Magazine saying that they’d like to feature me in an article in May. So many things ran through my head as to what this means and why I’d get the call. And while Top Agent might mean different things to different people I’d like to tell you what it means to me. 


Check out the article Here - if you haven't already


First of all it means that I’ve succeeded in creating a real estate business. It means that I’ve kept enough business to provide for my family, been wise enough to get repeat and new business, and smart enough to stay honest and do business the right way so that I can keep doing business.


It doesn’t mean that I’m the highest earning realtor by any means. To me the highest earning realtors are deal seekers and not people helpers. They are trying to accumulate homes like a notch on the belt and in the process may or may not care about the people or time behind them. 


It also doesn’t mean that I only sell the highest value homes. I often work with first time home buyers who are definitely not in the highest price range. I do work a lot with new construction which also requires more time to attend to a transaction than the average home.  


I can’t thank my past and current clients enough for getting me to a place where I can help more people and support my family. It wasn’t long ago that I thought I would always be in a retail job, not loving what I did, and thinking that I wouldn’t be able to do anything besides that. But now that I’m here and I’ve helped people find the homes that they will create families in, I can’t believe it. 


What good business looked like to me - 

Over the last year (2015) I completed 18 different transaction. 10 listings and 8 buy sides. Of all of those listings I averaged 100 days from Listing until closing. I averaged 103% of list price on these transaction which means I got my clients more money than they were expecting. Throughout all of these transactions I managed 9.7 Million dollars.