Wasting my Time? / by Clark Hutt

This is one of the things I hear most from my clients, that I almost never agree with.

Client Statement- "I don't want to waste your time."

And while I appreciate the sentiment I also want to show you that most of what I do for you is not a waste of time. I value my clients and what they need as well as how they're going to get there. 

You need to look at your Realtor as a resource for you, and also understand that they are getting paid to do what they do. Whether you are paying them as a seller, or whether you're a buyer and the other party is paying, most of the time your Realtor is getting paid to do what they do. So going on showings, writing contracts, and educating are the duties we as Realtors expect to uphold as part of our getting paid on your behalf.

My seasoned investor clients have no problem "wasting my time". They will send me to multiple listings, take photos for them and write handfuls on contracts. Because they know I work for them, and I'm getting paid a commission for my time. For my newer clients, pretend you're a seasoned investor and let me work FOR you. Ask your questions, let's go on showings, and take any expertise I have to offer. The client statement always leads to my statement below:

My Statement - "USE me, UTILIZE me, because I work FOR you!"

Don't be afraid to work with your realtor, and don't be afraid to let them work. I love to educate new buyers on the process and how we can succeed in buying them a home. I also love to go see properties and save my clients from work, or getting their hopes too high, or even missing a gem out there that would be perfect for them.